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~Spa Services~

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~Including Massages, Facials, Body Treatments, Manicures & Pedicures and Wellness Counselling~



Please scroll down to see our entire menu, thank you~


Heart Haven Therapeutic Massage  ~60/75/90 minutes

Our signature, full-body, therapeutic massage is custom tailored to meet your specific needs. We implement a combination of ancient and modern bodywork techniques to bring you into a deep state of relaxation, release, relief, and renewal. This is our most popular massage and is great for anyone of all ages.

Deep Tissue Massage ~60/75/90 minutes

Deep Tissue Massage is focused on a specific part of your body and utilizes deep pressure and nuero-muscular therapy during the session. This massage is helpful for alleviating chronic pain, repatterning scar tissue from injuries, while also assisting in restoration of range of motion and structural alignment. This medical massage is for those in need of deep structural transformational work

Thai Massage  ~75/90 minutes

Thai Massage is said to be the massage the Buddha would receive and it is truly ancient. It is performed on a comfortable mat, on the floor, while wearing loose fitting comfortable clothing. Thai massage rebalances your entire being through deep full body stretching, pressure points and rhythmic compressions. Thai massage will balance the chi flow in your body, heart and mind for optimal health and well being.

Pregnancy Massage ~60/75 minutes

Pregnancy is a sacred time and a good time to receive skilled massage therapy, therapeutic touch and body work. This gentle healing massage is performed in a side lying posture on a massage table and your female therapist is specially trained in pregnancy massage. During pregnancy it is important to work with a therapist who understands the indications and contraindications for massage during pregnancy, because deep pressure is to be avoided in certain areas. We also have special orthopedic pillows which allow an pregnant mamma to lay on her belly later into pregnancy.  Pregnancy massage can help ease stress and promotes more general ease and comfort for mama and that's good for baby too!

The Milk & Honey Facial ~60 minutes

First we will luxuriously steam, cleanse, exfoliate, and tone your entire visage including your décolletage area. Then you will receive a silky milk and honey moisturizing mask, followed by rose water misting. We finish your treatment with serum, then moisturizer application and a relaxing head, neck and shoulder massage.

Our Facial Add-On treatment is only available to be purchased in conjunction with another body treatment or massage session. During your facial add-on treatment you will receive a light steam, cleanse and tone, followed by a facial serum plus a rich emollient moisturizer and culminating with a healing head and neck pressure point massage.


Facial Add-On  ~30 minutes

Hand and Foot Massage for Facial Add-On ~15 minutes

Receive a deep hand and foot reflexology massage during your facial while your mask is drying. This gives you a deeper state of relaxation, balance and renewal.




Full Body Polish ~50 minutes

Get that salty healthy glow going on with this treatment. We will first steam you, then polish you with our special sea salt or sugar scrub and a new pair of exfoliating gloves. Next, you will rinse off in your own private en-suite bath with a warm rain shower, and lastly we will lavishly moisturize and massage your entire body, leaving you almost as soft as the day you were born. You will get to keep the exfoliation gloves we use during your treatment.



Full Body Polish and Wrap  ~100 minutes

This full body wrap revives and invigorates your skin. After a skin polish of your choice, we will coat you with our honey oat body mask, then swaddle you in a heated wrap to allow your pores to open and receive all the juicy benefits of the body mask into your skin. Next you will rinse off using our private ensuite rain shower, and finally a rich moisturizer will be massaged into your entire body leaving your skin in a state of dewy renewal.  This mini full body massage is the perfect finishing touch to this transformational body treatment.



TOTAL WELLNESS COUNSELLING ~60/75/90/120 minutes

Private Personal Therapy, one on one, with a trusted wise experienced, understanding confidant and guide, assisting you as you heal and transform, your Heart Haven Therapist. Delve deep into your own sacred healing journey, with your own . Get the focused attention you need to transform your life. You will be witnessed, supported and guided while being held in a safe, nurturing space. Together we will create a custom therapy treatment plan for you to achieve a deep sense of total well being in your life. Our mentors use talk therapy, movement therapy, art therapy,  and other effective somatic healing practices. We believe in your ability to return to wholeness. Please call today for a free 15 minute consultation.




Group Therapy. Sharing your story is healing. Telling our own stories, and hearing the stories of others can be profoundly fulfilling and nourishing. Heart Circle Group Therapy provides a safe container for witnessing each other as we grow through our life experiences. Group participants are invited both to speak and to listen as we circle together. The confidential space is gracefully facilitated by one of our Community Mentors. We offer both public and private Heart Circle Group Therapy. Please come and experience the healing power of Heart Circle Group Therapy. Various groups are circling with different themes, contact us for more details, thank you~


This simple ceremony has its roots in aboriginal healing. Participants gather in a circle around a blazing Fire and share stories. A talking stick is passed and much wisdom is gathered. The Fire's sacred presence warms us, witnesses us, dries our tears, and hears our heartsong. This ceremony is held in various communities and locations as we migrate seasonally around the globe. All are welcome, however space is limited and reservations or tickets may be needed depending on our venue. For more information please see our calendar. Please enter your name and email on our home page if you would like to reserve your seat at our next up-coming gathering . 


Somatic Dance Movement Therapy explores movement as medicine. Participants are invited to express themselves through authentic free movement, and other somatic dance practices. Dance therapy works to improve social skills, and relational dynamics. Clients will gain a deeper sense of self-awareness and realization of one's body. Dance therapy is different from other forms of rehabilitative treatments because it allows creative expression and is holistic, meaning it treats the full person: mind, body, and spirit. Group classes and private sessions are held locally. Authentic Movement and Somatic Dance offer a profound healing experience, plus more freedom, greater self awareness and more uninhibited self expression on all levels.



Our shamanic healing sessions are composed of three main parts and facilitate a deeper connection to your center plus increased over-all life force. Part one is the vibrational sound healing, part two is the shamanic journey itself and part three is the energy clearing, cutting of cords, bathing in light, plus the plant medicine and feather smudge. Please come as you are, because you are being invited to experience the medicine of the drum, and the rattle, as you embark on a journey deep into your own center, as you further learn how to connect more deeply with your own true Self and with the Source of all that is.  Be lead on a shamanic healing journey deep within, to an ever safe refuge of your own being, where you will be able to meet one of your own personal beneficial spirit guides, and then you will also be able to receive a gift from your personal spirit guide , also known as your animal guides, ancestor guides or "guardian angels" , depending on who is present with you during the time of our session.  Feel the blessing of being smudged off and cleansed with sacred feathers and allow the healing plants of cedar, sage, and sweet grass to aid and cleanse you on your journey.   We have two options for this work. One is for 60 minutes and is called "The Light Journey" and the other is for 90 minutes and is called "The Deep Journey".  The difference between the two is that during the Deep Journey we do more extensive cord cutting work together, which provides the participant with more freedom from past trauma, with more life force, and a greater sense of empowered vitality.  This work will increase your ability to consciously create, and help you to more fully realize and fulfill your purpose in life.  


NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis - 75 min

Quickly Heal all sorts of trauma, behaviors, addictions, and phobias using Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming. Profoundly transformational. Please give us a call for more information.


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